SDNA History

Our History:

The San Diego Nonprofit Association (formerly SANDAN) was incorporated in May 1998 on the underlying principal that the overall quality of life in San Diego – for all communities, families, and individuals – is inextricably linked to the strength, history and leadership of our region’s nonprofits.

Since its inception, the San Diego Nonprofit Association (SDNA) has focused on providing united voice, advocacy and resources to amplify outcomes for San Diego’s health and human service organizations.

When it became apparent that gaps existed between the nonprofit sector and other groups interested in improving our social sector through Purpose/Cause Marketing collaborations, partners and sponsors, evolving Social Enterprise solutions, caring local businesses and Social Responsibility divisions of local Corporations, SDNA began closing those gaps by becoming the leading voice for nonprofit organizations in San Diego County. We became the primary advocate for nonprofits in discussions with the County and other local governments. We opened and maintain interactive communications and collaborations with business and education groups. And, we have increased our public relations work to inform San Diego residents of our members’ value to the entire region.

SDNA continues to expand its strategic focus as both a representative of, and leader for, the success of our members. We provide forums where member organizations can team up to share information, talent and resources to solve problems. We actively facilitate the development of strategic partnerships both, within our membership ranks, and with key businesses leaders, organizations, and public officials. We provide access to training and networking opportunities specifically geared to fit the needs of our members. We have also lobbied for, and successfully improved new governmental policies regarding fund-raising practices for nonprofits.

As a result of our work:

  • There are strong and mutually beneficial partnerships developing between the San Diego nonprofit sector and local governments.
  • Local businesses see our members as valuable sources for problem solving and opportunities to collaborate to amplify outcomes by combining strengths for the greater good.

What does the future hold for SDNA? We are keeping our foot on the accelerator and finding new ways to serve our members by Listening to You. We are committed and dedicated to continually improving the strength and quality of San Diego nonprofits and amplifying outcomes through social sector collaborations.