Membership Benefits


Make your membership work for you by taking advantage of our  programming!

  • Join a Working Group and contribute your skills and insight to our group for Member Services, Communications, Special Events, or Public Policies.

Membership Benefits                       

The Mission of SDNA is to advance the well-being of the San Diego Region by connecting, promoting and advocating for our member organizations to amplify awareness and impact for our vibrant Social Sector.

The primary benefit of membership is that SDNA is access to experts and inclusion. As a member organization we are actively working to promote the value that nonprofits bring to our region.

Specific benefits include:

  • Exclusive invitations to SDNA “In the Know” meetings, networking and other special events
  • Government relations which benefit the sector
  • Access to  expert resources
  • Access to Member’s only resources (In process of redesign)
  • Marketing opportunities at membership events/functions
  • Recognition on SDNA website

Benefits for Nonprofits

  • Advance invitations to meetings, networking and other special events connecting members to corporate, nonprofit, government, business and community leaders to discuss current trends and resources.
  • Access to Nonprofit expert resources , Media and more, through member programming and events/ workshops presented by universities, professional associations, nonprofit support organizations, foundations and companies. .

Benefits for Business members 

  • Advance invitations to ‘In The Know’ events connecting members to nonprofit, business, community and government leaders to discuss and present current trends and resources
  • Opportunities to sponsor “In the Know” events. Promotion for your key executives and awareness building for your brand in San Diego’s social sector.
  • Promotion of events and programs to a large database of corporate, nonprofit and government staffs and leaders.
  • Expanded awareness of your philanthropic, social responsibility, community relations efforts and recognition to help raise awareness of the “Good” companies and leaders are doing in our Region.

Benefits for Universities and Colleges

  • Expanded promotion of classes, programs and events for increased revenue, larger class sizes.
  • Demonstration of leadership and instructor knowledge.
  • Opportunity to provide an expanded benefit for students selected to be part of a larger efforts to help students better connect to Regional and local resources, events and organizations.
  • Opportunity to host an ‘In the Know’ events. SDNA helps promote these events and leadership to our wider database of thousands of nonprofit and corporate executives, professional association members, students, donors and community leaders.

Benefits for Media Companies

  • Opportunity to further your brand supporting our community with expanded recognition and creative relationships with current and new advertisers.
  • Opportunity to generate additional funds and further monetize revenue opportunities.
  • Opportunity to position a news anchor or journalist as KEY spokesperson for the nonprofit social benefit sector in San Diego and be a primary voice in social impact messages.
  • Participation in SDNA’s Nonprofit/Social Sector Marketing Roundtable (SMRT) for collaboration and expanded contacts in San Diego’s marketing community in partnership with the San Diego American Marketing Association.
  • Expanded awareness for  programs, people and events generated by your company or by your advertisers/underwriters.

Benefits for Government Agencies

  • Expanded community-wide promotion of government programs
  • Opportunities to highlight initiatives and recipients of support.
  • Communication to groups and people not currently being reached.
  • Opportunity for key staff to participate with Executive Roundtables.
  • Opportunity for communication’s staff to participate in Marketing Roundtable around key communication and marketing challenges and opportunities.